Along the Crooked Corridor….

We currently have two rooms, the Wonky Room and the Squinty Room, accessed from the Crooked Corridor. They’re so-called because our floors and ceilings aren’t perfectly aligned — all part of the character of a hotel that opened in 1743.

Both rooms have double beds, TV and a kettle.

The rooms share a delux shower room with walk-in shower at the end of the Crooked Corridor. We can arrange for private use if desired.

Prices (as of June 2022) are room only basis £95 for single night per double room, reduced rates for more than two nights stay.

To check availability, please call 01261 851260 or email

The hotel has free Wi-fi but you may struggle for a phone signal without having to pop outside. Some may find that maddening. Many find it liberating.

Of an evening you may hear muted chatter from our pub below but we like to think it’s a reassuring sound — like waves breaking on shingle or the contented crackle of our log stove on a winter’s night. 


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